- Stronghold MC Rules -
KeepInv Server 

The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:
  1. The use of hacked clients, or "hacks" are not allowed. This includes, but isn't limited to, Kill Aura / Forcefield, Fly Hacks, Reach Hacks, XRay or any form of ESP.

  2. Do not spam chat with multiple messages or capital letters.

  3. English is the language to be used in the global chat. You may use any other language when Private Messaging players.

  4. We do not accept racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other type or prejudice or discrimination.

  5. Bugs or exploits are not to be abused, and must be reported immediately on the forum. You will be punished if you are caught abusing a bug or an exploit.

  6. We currently only allow the Mod "Optifine", "CraftPresence", and Gamma alteration to be used on our server. If you feel that a Mod should be added to this list, feel free to post in the Suggestions section of the forum.

  7. A Staff member's decision is final. All decisions should be based off of fact, and Staff have access to rules to prove facts. If there is a gray area in any case, the issue will be brought to the Staff team in Discord and a result will be decided. If you feel that a punishment is unfair or biased, feel free to make a report or appeal on the Discord.

  8. No pornographic material in chat.

  9. No offensive or pornographic skins. You may be asked to change your skin if it breaks this rule.

  10. No Staff impersonation, or staff mocking.

  11. No impersonation of Players using nickname command or any other means.

  12. Advertisements for Shop Plots are allowed, but do not spam the chat. Please allow for your advert to completely disappear from chat before posting another.

  13. Do not advertise other servers or links.

  14. Evading a ban through the use of an Alternate Account or by any other means will result in a permanent ban for all accounts and IPs involved.

  15. No Autoclickers (Including Alt methods like key weights / unplugging peripherals). This means no AFK Fishing.

  16. Only use 1 Alternate Account, ever. You may log on at the same time as your Alternate Account, but do not use multiple Alternate Accounts.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken. 

Building Rules

  1. Your claim is your responsibility. Raiding unclaimed bases / areas are allowed. Be careful who you trust.

  2. Griefing should be kept to a minimum. We want to make sure the land looks intacked. If you wish to Grief, head to Survival. Replant trees, don't burn forests etc.

  3. No pornographic builds.

  4. Players may not claim near another claimed area of land. The acceptable amount of space to leave is 50 blocks. If you wish to build next to a friend, ask their permission.

  5. You may build anywhere that isn't claimed.

  6. Your claims will never "expire", if you don't log in. We will expand the world if there are too many claims.

  7. You may only build in the Shop World if you have been granted access to a shop plot, or you have been trusted on a shop plot.

  8. You may only build in the Shop World if you have been granted access to a shop plot, or you have been trusted on a shop plot.

  9. Griefing and Raiding in the Shop World is only made possible by players not protecting their Shop Plots correctly. Make sure all chests holding items have a Shop Sign on them, to prevent players from taking items for free, and be careful who you trust on your plot.

  10. Lava casts are not allowed, and you will be punished if you use lava casts in any way.


Shop Building Rules

  1. You have to use your shop plot in order to sell goods. Do not waste the space granted to you.

  2. No creating farms, including mob farms.

  3. No redstone contraptions.

  4. Do not create noise machines or use annoying blocks.

  5. Banners and Map Art creations are patented to those who create them. Do not re-sell or copy others' creations.

  6. Please stick to the selected Shop Plot that you decided to claim. If you hop Shop Plots, you will lose your privilege.

  7. Shop Plots that are not used for 2 months will be wiped, and all items (in chests etc) will be deleted.


PVP Rules

  1. -  PvP is allowed, however is only enabled when both players have TogglePvP enabled. Killing a player who has TogglePvP disasbled is against the rules.

  2.  TP Trapping and TP Killing is not allowed.

  3.  There is to be no form of PvP in the Shop World. This includes TP Trapping or any other means.

  4.   Combat Logging (Leaving the server by any method while amist a PvP situation) will result in death. You won't drop your items, but will lose the battle.

  5.  Attempting to kill a member of Staff while they are in a staff situation is not allowed. A situation can be defined by a staff member teleporting to you without request.

  6.   If a staff member requests to teleport to you, then there is no situation, and you may attempt to kill them.

  7.  Pushing people out of claims, or luring mobs to kill players within claims is not allowed. Neither are the use of Fishing Rods, or similar items, to move players inside claims.

  8.   Killing pets is not allowed in claimed areas. Players with pets are notified if and when their pets are killed, and by who.

  9.  Teaming in MiniGames is not allowed. You must enter knowing that they are Free-For-All games, unless otherwise stated.


Trading Rules

  1. Stealing from other players is not allowed. Neither are "Fake Trades" or Trading Situations where a Trade wasn't initiated. You must not steal from a player, especially if they think they are going to Trade.

  2.  Trades are not allowed to be scammed. If you are offering an item, or accepting the offer of an item, you can not then TP Trap or Kill the person you are communicating with.

  3. Players are not allowed to steal from others who are trading. If you pick up an item by accident, give it back to those who are trading.