A Blocky Surprise...


We've had a few golden suggestions about ways to boost voting and reward our regular players, and so we've decided to implement a feature that allows all players to gain more Claim Blocks the more they play the server. As you rank up through the vote ranks, you're going to be earning more and more Blocks, which can be used to claim more epic builds! Here's how the values will alter as you rank up:

[- Rank: Blocks Per Hour]

- Peasant: 100

- Farmer: 105

- Merchant: 110

- Swordsman: 120

- Consign: 135

- Captain: 150

- Noble: 175

- Earl: 200

- Baron: 250

- Duke: 350

- Prince: 500

We are also going to be adding this information to the /rewards command, to make it more accessible to all! We are constantly picking out and working on your suggestions, to keep them coming and we'll develop a better player experience for everyone!

Thanks for playing on Stronghold MC!