Hey guys!

As mentioned in the last post, the team is working really hard to push out new content for the server, and we've finally hit a Milestone we can be proud of. We've released multiple new Games into the server, that should keep everybody busy!

First up, King of the Hill; a new 24/7 PvP game where you fight your way to the point, to earn KoTH Credits! We've designed a GUI store, which you can access using /Koth, and you'll see that the prizes are very cool!

Next, we have the release of our automatic MiniGames system. Around the clock, you'll see announcements in chat that one MiniGame is open! Simply head to the events portal at Spawn, participate, and if you win, you'll recieve a cool reward (Including Crate Keys). We've worked very hard to offer a range of fun MiniGames, with custom maps, and we've even incorporated our very own Custom Crate Rares, so enjoy!

Finally, we've developed a whole spectrum of arenas and maps to host our weekly events! Every Wednesday and Sunday, we'll continue to host events that everybody can participate in; from Build Battles, to PvP, and many other different events. If you turn up and do well, you'll be rewarded! So stick around and get involved when you can!

Our team is going to be working on Maintaining and Fixing the latest features for now, and then when we're sure everything is working how it should be, and then we'll be moving on to making more cool stuff for the server!

Thanks for Playing! - Zeus

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