• softbambi

What's New?


There are plenty of things to address today, so buckle yourself in.

Firstly, the reforge system has had an upgrade! Every item that is refined now provides 6 - 10 dust rather than 4 - 8.

A stack of dust is still reforged to gain keys, but this time it can be any key currently available on the server (Excluding Halloween + Divine)! So enjoy using your unwanted rares to unlock bigger and better surprises.

On the topic of rares, the Everlasting Apple has been fixed making it super effective. It now provides the saturation potion effect to ensure you're never going to go hungry again. I'm sure many of you have experienced the new split/steal mini game that runs on the server, I'm here to say it's now completely fixed up so beware of those who are in it to steal! As for events, the new King of Hill map is officially finished! Be sure to keep an eye on the #events and #announcements for more details as to when it will be ready for server-wide play! Thank you :) - bambi